Rehabilitation is a key focus at our facilities.  We offer the following therapies, techniques and programs to assist the patient on their road to recovery.

Physical therapy can foster each patient’s independence and enable functional mobility skills following orthopedic or neurological conditions or injuries. Innovative techniques are used to restore maximum function and minimize pain. Improving range of motion, strength, coordination and muscle control will bring you closer to your functional goals.
Occupational therapy focuses on achieving greater independence in the activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing and eating following an illness or injury. To promote maximum function and mobility, our therapists use rehabilitation techniques and train residents in the use of specialized equipment.
Speech-language therapy helps patients improve their communication skills in speaking, problem solving, reading, writing and verbal expressions. Therapists also provide evaluation of and treatment for a variety of swallowing disorders.
Both physical and occupational therapy can use a variety of techniques to enhance progress in treatment programs.
This form of therapy uses electrical stimulation to treat a variety of impairments such as muscle spasm, edema and pain.
This treatment uses sound waves to deep-heat tissue to decrease pain and swelling.
This electromagnetic therapy reduces pain, increases circulation and promotes collagen remodeling and tissue healing.
Orthopedic Rehabilitation
Your injury and conditions that affect the musculoskeletal system — all the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves that keep your body moving is of high concern to us. When dealing with post-surgical orthopedic conditions or current injury, it can be relieving to step into an expert team of orthopedically oriented health professionals that’s dedicated to helping you heal and joyfully recover.
Cardiac Recovery
Enhancing heart longevity is goal one. Your program of health education, exercise, training and lifestyle counseling aimed at building heart-healthy lifestyles is personalized therapy at its best. We offer a medically directed program to help our patients recover as fully as possible from any type of cardiac event such heart attack, angina, bypass surgery, coronary stent or valve surgery.
Stroke Recovery
No matter where you are in your recovery journey, there’s always room for more possibilities. Stroke patients can now benefit with therapies geared to overcome limitations and improve capabilities to live life to the fullest potential. There are so many therapeutic ways to assist in your road to recovery and to provide the best opportunity to return to the life that you want to live.
Pulmonary Therapy
Sometimes a chronic lung condition can take away your every breath. The good news is that our close supervision can monitor your oxygen and blood pressure rates. You will be shown better breathing tolerance with every activity. We can help you find a place where you can manage your breath, a place of refreshment and a point that brings you back in control. It’s a systematic approach given by our team of therapists and licensed/certified respiratory practitioners. With pulmonary therapy, everyday people are capable of extraordinary things. Let us show you how. Learn More
Urinary Incontinence Program
We listen to our patients who live with issues of urinary incontinence in order to offer many treatment options in a sensitive and healing environment. Everything you couldn’t easily ask can be answered by our specially trained therapists. There are new computer inter-active therapies that can improve weak bladder-pelvic muscles to hasten your return to a better life with newfound control. Learn More
Lymphedema Therapy
Restoring comfort and the joy of movement lost by post-surgical swelling, chronic edema, venous circulation deficiencies and a weakened lymphatic system is one of our specialties. In fact, we are one of the few fully certified teams that have hundreds of additional training hours in order to bring you early detection and sophisticated interventions. We reduce swelling through a protocol system of hands-on therapy that promotes your best results. Learn More
Vestibular Program
Balance problems are complicated, but they don’t have to be. There are so many tools and diagnostic tests that can simplify the even tenor that comes from the ears, eyes, joints and how they give instant signals to the brain. When this harmonious system is off, we’re here to make things right. Let’s pinpoint the areas that are keeping you from confidence. We will give specific-customized exercises that coordinate all those structures that need an immediate neurological response to help improve your reaction to dynamic movement. Learn More
Balance Program
Your safety is our concern and we have the newest inter-active technology and latest techniques to keep you on your feet. Our addition of BioSway, which is a high-tech device that re-trains balance and gait skills through progressive testing and training modes, is a valuable tool for your balance recovery. Our trained and certified team of experienced therapists and their skilled intervention can put you on an improved path.
Pain Reduction/Management
Finding out how to gain comfort and get relief is important to you and it’s most important to us. The broad range of heat and cold modalities and other components brought by new electrical technologies coupled with our experienced hands-on approach can make a real difference in the daily lives of our patients. Take advantage of our medical insights and our vast array of devices that are geared to help you move forward. Let us assure that you’re not held back by anything, especially pain. Whatever the diagnosis, your worst pain brings out our best efforts. It’s our promise.
Wound Care Services
Another feature that sets us apart is our wound care services. We are a physician-led team of professionals that provide services to patients with chronic, non-healing wounds. Always looking for a chance to promote healing in the shortest time possible, we team-collaborate on optimum bed surfaces, perform nutritional review for maximum wound health and analyze wheelchair padding, positioning and seating choices.
Mist Therapy
We use MIST® therapy, one of the most up-to-date treatment techniques given by our specially trained staff. This therapy is a deep healing-comfortable energy used to jump start the wound healing process. The ultrasound waves coupled with sterile saline is applied to wounds to promote the stoppage of harmful bacteria survival and often speeds up recovery.
Aquatic Therapy
The goal is to promote flexibility and strength and ultimately return you to better function. The unique elements of warm water allow you to comfortably move and strengthen. Using water instead of weights and taking pressure off joints will give outcomes only achieved with hydro-therapy. Our certified aquatic team use two pools with under-water video and treadmills that help you practice and perfect walking and balance capabilities.

Other Services We Offer


Recovering from an injury or surgery? Do what professional athletes are doing. Get Game Ready™. RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) has long been used to treat acute and chronic injury and assist in orthopedic surgery rehabilitation. Game Ready™ offers adjustable cold therapy and intermittent compression in one easy-to-use system.


The Wii Game System is a wireless motion-sensitive controller requiring body movements similar to traditional therapy exercises. Wii provides improved strengthening, endurance, fine motor skills, balance and range of motion through reenacting several sports such as golf, bowling, tennis, baseball and boxing.


  • VitalStim™ is non-invasive, painless electrical stimulation that treats people with dysphagia (swallowing problems).
  • It promotes muscular strengthening and recovery of motor control
  • VitalStim™ is administered by a speech-language pathologist who must be certified to incorporate this modality into the dysphagia therapy plan.


  • Our interdisciplinary team coordinates together an individualized wound care program to meet the specific needs of each individual.
  • We treat all kinds of wounds including: chronic, grafts, flaps, acute, traumatic, subacute, pressure ulcers, diabetic ulcers and dehisced wounds.
  • We are one of very few companies that utilizes wound V.A.C., as deemed appropriate.

The need for palliative care is a growing and necessary role within skilled nursing facilities due to the aging population served and the increased clinical complications that are usually presented with this delicate diagnosis. Planning, implementation and evaluation of the resident is done by an interdisciplinary team. Nursing coordinates the plan of care and collaborates closely with the interdisciplinary team, family and resident as needed. Palliative Care is designed to provide clinical and spiritual support to both the resident and the resident family not only in the final days of life, but may also be appropriate with the diagnosis of a terminal condition requiring in depth education. Emphasis is placed on identification and treatment of primary symptoms that can respond to treatment, management of physical, psychological, psychosocial, spiritual needs, and expression of grief of the resident and family. Pain management is an integral part of care.