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Council passes city budget The move means a 1.8% reduction over last year's expenditure budget. But with property assessments by MPAC up an average of 6% in 2013, the city's overall tax rate will still be up around 4.2% compared to last year's budget. Prior to the vote, Coun. Noella Rinaldo said she was in favour of the budget, but added she struggled with the decision. "It frustrating to me because I envisioned my four years here as an opportunity to move forward much faster than we been doing," she said, but "we made the compromises we had to make." The city's revenues decreased by $1.4 million over the last year including $626,4 reduction in the province's Municipal Partnership Fund contribution while expenditures increased by $1.7 million. CAO Joe Torlone noted there's been a shift in taxpayer dollars from the industrial sector to the residential homeowner sector. said it's easy forget sometimes there are the other service we paying for in this municipality to have a better quality of life. said residents pay on average $272 per household for winter road maintenance, which translates to about $4,9 per kilometre of road, and $3,120 per kilometre of sidewalk. Policing costs are subsidized by taxpayers at about $686 per household, while the existence of each bed at the Golden Manor costs the city around $19,0. In total, $1.1 million of the city's budget will go towards salary and benefits for employees. Coun. Steve Black votedvoted wholesale cheap Flames jerseys against the budget. He said he had trouble with the city positions in the TEDC (Timmins Economic Development Corporation) and public works department, especially when we not willing to do anything on the wage or salary side. Todd Lever, who also voted against the budget, said difficulty I had this year is we maintain the status quo, and we accept it, and we don take a positive approach to reducing our expenditures, or even discuss reducing them. Everything is reactive. think itit wholesale Flames jerseys easier at senior levels of government to make cuts because you don have to look at the person in the face and tell them we're cutting your budget oror Flames jerseys cheap a position but hard decisions are what we elected to make. Andrew Marks said he believed the 2014 budget was about maintaining quality levels of service for Timmins residents, and said he'd be voting for the budget. With an October election on the horizon, Coun. Gary Scripnick said he'd be looking to department heads to bring forward creative suggestions for cost savings for the city, naming private partnerships with external organizations as a possible recourse. "The provincial government is taking money away," said Scripnick. "They taken away over $5 million over the last five years in funding and grants that they now keep. do we get that money? Do we take it from the residents, or do we take somethingsomething wholesale cheap Flames jerseys else away from the residents? "We can do the little stuff. We have to do big things in order to change the budget the way we want to change it." Coun. Pat Bamford said he'd be voting in favour of the budget, but said "I don see us having much wiggle room unless we turn the whole system upside down. "I don see a lot of discretionary money out there we can cut. I be the first to say, 'Let trim here, let trim there. The biggest problem is the size of this city is huge. The population of North Bay has to deal with a very tiny area of their city than what we have to deal with. That is the province problem that they given to us. We running half of Northeastern Ontario. With a small population of 45,0, we trying to do everything." Coun. Mike Doody said he would have liked the budget to come in lower than a 1.8% raise on last year, but that he believed council had done a responsible job creating a budget while maintaining services. "Wouldn we all love to come in at close to 0%?" said Doody. "There are a couple of things I would have liked to have said, but I never forgot that someone said to me, you go become a mayor or aa Flames new jerseys 2014 councillor, you have an obligation to support services to your community, and yes, at a reasonable cost.


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