Welcome to Clear Choice Health Care
Our goal is to maximize physical wellness, to promote independence and healing and enhance personal dignity. Clear Choice Health Care’s priority is to provide quality care that will lead to a better well being and rapid recovery.
The Clear Choice Health Care Mission
Clear Choice Health Care is a health care management company. It is our mission to provide compassionate care and dedicated rehabilitative services to people in need. Clear Choice Health Care is committed to clearly being the provider of choice for health care and rehabilitative services in every community we serve. We are dedicated to ensuring that quality and compassion are a way of life in each of our centers.  We fundamentally believe that caring for the elderly and the disabled is a calling, and we are committed to answering the call.
The Clear Choice Health Care Promise
At Clear Choice Health Care, we operate within a customer focused delivery system. Hospitality is what we are known for and it is what has lead to our customer loyalty.
The Clear Choice Health Care Team
Clear Choice Health Care is comprised of and supported by the finest individuals in the industry. Our team members display only the highest level of professionalism and leadership.

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Clear Choice Health Care is the only choice for all your rehabilitation needs!

Make a clear and informed choice when looking for a therapy provider. We are here to answer all your questions!

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Why Choose Us

  • Fully committed to renewing your quality of life
  • Cutting Edge Therapy Facilities in all locations
  • Fully Trained, Professional, and Courteous Staff
  • Resort Style Living Environment

What Employees Say

It is great to have all of the tools, resources and support I need to provide the best care possible for my patients.
Lisa, MPT
I knew from the very first day that I was finally where I belonged. I felt for the first time professionally that I was not just starting a new job, but furthering my career.
Robin, RN
As an Administrator with Clear Choice Health Care, I have the autonomy to make decisions and am provided with the support and resources to help meet our goals and commitments. This truly makes a difference in the quality of care we provide to our residents and the work atmosphere for our staff members.
Matt, CCHC Administrator

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